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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I stop wasting my top people on cold calling?

Often, companies find their top talent spend the majority of their time making cold calls to bad leads that are not interested in the services that they offer, when their time might be better allocated to closing deals off of hot leads. In the long run, this equates to time and money lost to the company.

Why should I outsource our appointment setting?

There are countless reasons for a company to outsource their process. Many of our accounts fall into two categories: those that are looking to expand their scale or alter their strategy – and these are the two fields that we excel at fixing. We aim to work where we can be most effective, and view our services like putting gasoline on the fire of your sales process: by consulting with us, we will find where your sales process is currently the weakest, and provide the necessary support to maximize profits for your group.

What are sales ready leads?

Rather than having to navigate the process of cold calling, sales ready leads have already confirmed their interest in your service, and are primed for your best salespeople to sell them the service that you have to provide. We find the customers, you close the deals.

What kind of companies are best suited for Acquirent’s outsourced sales and marketing services?

Many companies can benefit from outsourced sales services and sales lead generation. Our services work best for groups that are looking to optimize their sales strategies or expand the scale of their business. For instance, companies that are headquartered in remote locations might be able to produce stellar products and services, but their location makes it unappealing to locally source sales talent or draw talent from elsewhere. Our location right outside of Chicago allows us to draw from a diverse and talented body of enthusiastic recruits that are selected specifically to cater to your company’s unique requirements for a sales team.
Alternatively, many of our customers represent well-funded startups that have focused heavily on the development of their product, but have spent less time focusing on the sales cycle or lack experience on how to hire a sales team or find sufficient leads. In cases like this, our collaborative model will adapt to your product and recruit a team designed to source quality leads and get your product sold. Sales is our specialty, and we have the ability and experience to sell your product no matter how large or small your organization is.

How does the process work?

Our staffing team keeps a roster of talent from both within and outside of our company, and sources based on an individual’s “Sales IQ” and other traits that will be catered to your sales process. We will assemble a team and train them to the needs of your company to flesh out their product knowledge. Once trained, they will function as an extension of your company. The process is designed to be implemented as quickly and thoroughly as possible – we focus on speed and efficiency.

What are the steps for on-boarding our services?

Our company has a three-step philosophy: Recruit, Train, and Manage.
Our recruitment team has developed a dossier of potential candidates both internally and from the greater Chicago area of individuals sourced for a variety of traits, such as sales acumen, personability, and analytical prowess, meaning that we can quickly assemble a team suitable for myriad roles to match the requirements of your sales strategy. From there, we create a training program around your product and construct a sales infrastructure using technology best suited for your sales cycle. At minimum, your outsourced sales team will consist of at least two dedicated representatives and one sales manager to train, guide, and optimize their progress. Alternatively, for our lead generation service LeadJen, our onboarding process is typically internal and takes about two weeks to onboard. We set our goals to be ambitious from the successes we have already had, using the vast trove of historical data we keep in-house to determine what the minimum for success is while maximizing our efforts to exceed what we have already done.

How will our sales team be structured?

At minimum, our accounts will have two sales staff dedicated to sales, along with one manager overseeing and optimizing their sales process.

What reports do you provide?

We provide weekly reports on our process, weighed against previous weeks to show our progression with your account.

How long will it take to start generating b2b leads?

Onboarding our services typically takes around 4-6 weeks.

How is your company different from other outsourced sales companies?

Our companies have an open floor plan and infrastructure, where our highest level managers work side-by-side with our newest recruits. Learning and growth are considered two of our fundamental competencies, and we expect the best out of our hires and bring the best out of them. We develop our employees to their full potential, and share and celebrate in that growth with the clients that work with our company. Stopping by our office, it is immediately apparent that we are unlike other organizations – we are an outsourced sales and marketing company that genuinely fosters a positive work environment, and our team is gritty enough to handle the ins and outs of sales while also enjoying and loving the work that we do. We are ready to sell your products and services!

How do we get started?

Sign up online, and we will schedule a strategy session at your earliest convenience.