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Mentorship Program


The Purpose of the Acquirent Mentorship Program is to provide long lasting personal and professional development to our team members. It links team members with mentors who are fully invested in their growth.


The original Acquirent mentorship program was created in the early years as a way to foster growth and development within the sales force. Initially, we paired young, hungry sales professionals with more seasoned sales professionals from outside of Acquirent. The program’s purpose was to serve an additional resource for our sales executives to continue their sales education. In fact, it was through this program that our CEO, Joe Flanagan was introduced to Acquirent. He mentored many of our early sales professionals before getting fully involved within the organization.

Today, the program continues to serve as a great platform and an integral part of the Acquirent culture. It is a program that team-members love and it continues to be a true success.


  • Help new hires “learn the ropes” by providing insight our culture, policies, and expectations.
  • Create an avenue for senior team members to share guidance, experience, and knowledge with newer team-members.
  • Provide an avenue to develop and grow future Acquirent leaders

If you would like to learn more about Sales Mentorship Program, or find out how can you become part of the sales team here at Acquirent, visit our Careers page and learn how Acquirent builds sales careers in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment. We offer the best sales training to help you grow and excel here at Acquirent so don’t hesitate and learn more today!