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Austin is a native of Watervliet, MI and graduate of Central Michigan University with a degree
in Entrepreneurship and Sales. He started his sales career in 2011 working for a small
manufacturing company shortly after graduation.

Austin joined Acquirent in 2015 after moving to Chicago. He first started working with a
software start-up and then transitioned to working for a Fortune 500 client. He has progressed to
team lead to help assist in the growth and development of his team. While also working on
strategic initiatives that contribute to the long-term growth of the team.

He is active in Acquirent’s mentorship program and thrives on helping others succeed both
professionally and personally.

Austin resides in the Ravenswood neighborhood. He always has his passport ready for spur of
the moment trips to new countries. He’s an avid cyclist that enjoys exploring all of the sights of
the Midwest on two wheels.