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Outsourced Marketing Services

B2B Companies that struggle to achieve their revenue goals often have one thing in common: their sales and marketing teams are disconnected from each other. Some companies focus so much on sales that it puts their marketing efforts at stake, or vice versa. In any case, it’s imperative to have smooth communication between your marketing and sales functions. If not, sales blames marketing for not generating enough qualified leads, and marketing in turn blames sales for not closing enough deals. Sound familiar?

Experienced Outsourced Marketing Team

At Acquirent, we offer sales-minded outsourced marketing, and are uniquely positioned to fill that disconnect. In contrast with other outsourced marketing agencies, our marketing services are sales-backed: our entire marketing team has experience in sales.

Sales and marketing strategies are developed side-by-side to ensure synchronicity and understanding between both functions. Marketing knows how their campaigns and collateral assist the sales cycle, and qualified leads are delivered to sales at the optimum stage of the buyer journey. The quality of marketing increases when feedback from sales is provided and utilized, and all parties benefit.

A Full Suite of Outsourced Marketing Services

Acquirent Marketing specializes in B2B marketing services: we offer a wide variety of services from full marketing engagements, such as our Outsourced Fractional CMO which provides clients with the annual strategy and execution of their marketing function, to single services and projects such as SEO maintenance and infographic design.