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Why is it so hard to find great sales people? Because it is a war for talent!

Recruiting sales talent is challenging because it is:

  • Time-consuming to build a sales team
  • Expensive
  • A highly competitive marketplace (high demand for and low supply of great salespeople)
  • A high degree of unqualified sales & marketing candidates
  • Hard to identify great sales talent (there are no certifications or degrees to help narrow your search)
  • It is easy to fake being great at sales (at least in the interview process)

Sales is the lifeline of every business, and if you don’t get the right people onboard, your business will suffer. For over a decade, Acquirent has been solely focused on recruiting, hiring, and staffing great sales talent. Through our proven 17-step sales recruiting process, we have perfected the art and science of sales recruiting. In turn, we are helping our clients hire amazing sales professionals at the fraction of the cost and time spent doing it alone.

Acquirent’s Sales Recruiting Services

Recruiting great sales people is challenging.  Acquirent can help!



Our 17 Step Sales Recruiting Process

Through rigorous execution of our sales recruiting process, we are helping our clients hire the top sales talent quickly and at a fraction of the cost of doing it alone.

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