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“Every business is unique, so are the sales and marketing challenges they face. Since 2004, Acquirent has made it their business to help their clients solve those challenges”

Who Are We?

Acquirent is a leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing services for companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. We do three main things for our clients: we recruit, train, and manage their sales teams.  Our dedicated teams partner closely with our clients to deliver a transparent and completely accountable outsourced sales solution focusing on metrics, training, and the latest sales enablement technologies.

Our Sales Outsourcing Services

Technology Has Changed Everything!

Due primarily to advancements in sales technology, customers have changed the way they make purchases and, in turn, changed how sales teams and professionals must sell.

“That’s what makes you guys exceptional. Some people keep doing the same thing and wait for results, you take charge and think of new approaches.” 

Max Courington

Director - Inside Sales, Colibri Group

Thought Leadership

3 Ways Understanding Your Buyer Persona Closes Deals

3 Ways Understanding Your Buyer Persona Closes Deals

When closing deals, your sales team is walking on thin ice - sometimes the only thing that can keep you from losing a deal is understanding your buyer persona. Depending on the length of your sales cycle, there can be a fine line between keeping the customer...

How Do Fortune 500 Companies Grow Business With Outsourced Sales?

How Do Fortune 500 Companies Grow Business With Outsourced Sales?

Today, businesses need speed, scalability, and agility for unlocking growth - the leaders of Fortune 500 companies know this, and rely on outsourced sales for boosting business revenue. By harnessing sales outsourcing models, big businesses have already discovered...

3 Reasons To Use American Outsourced Sales Services

3 Reasons To Use American Outsourced Sales Services

Are you looking to outsource your sales team? There are plenty of good reasons to do so. Without the stress of recruiting, training, and managing your own sales teams, your company can save money and time focusing on your product or service. But are you using American...

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