Why Outsource Sales?

What is outsourcing all about? Like outsourcing in other areas of business, sales outsourcing involves the use of a skilled third party to assume management for handling new and existing sales initiatives, locating and cultivating new sales leads, and increasing overall sales activities for the client’s business.

How can our outsourced sales team help your business? Our clients have leveraged outsourced sales to improve their efforts in:

Sales expertise and execution. Sales strategy and execution is not necessarily an area of expertise for many small and midsized businesses.

Channel strategy. Outsourced sales companies can create sales channels that allow clients to increase their reach and cover “orphan” product lines their internal team can’t handle.

Recruiting, hiring and managing sales professionals. Many companies need an outsourced sales partner to do the “heavy lifting” in terms of finding and training the right sales professionals.

Speed to market.A company eager to launch a new product must focus its efforts on development and marketing. With an outsourced sales company, a company gains an invaluable ally in moving to market more quickly than its competitors.

There are significant cost benefits as well. With an outsourced sales team, our clients can forego inside sales-related expenses like office space and equipment. Often, a highly skilled team of outsourced sales professionals can meet a company’s needs for the cost of hiring a single sales executive or leader.

Acquirent offers even more benefits to our clients, including:

  • A carefully crafted and refined 22-step recruiting process, used to hire the very best and brightest sales professionals for our clients.
  • An ongoing (and never-ending) process of training that goes beyond traditional sales onboarding practices.
  • A management structure built on sophisticated CRM technology, enabling us to track and smoothly manage our progress, while simultaneously incorporating face-to-face meetings with individual sales professionals.

Acquirent is a leader in 100 percent dedicated professional outsourced inside sales. By hiring our outsourced sales team and utilizing our sales outsourcing services, businesses can dramatically increase results in new client acquisition and lead generation. Each Acquirent sales professional is recruited and hired for specific client engagements. We don’t have a bench of sales professionals that we shift from account to account.

Acquirent recruits, trains and manages our clients’ sales teams. We partner closely with clients to provide a transparent, accountable solution based on metrics, training and the most up-to-date sales technology.

We invite you to contact Acquirent in Evanston, IL and see how we can help your company maximize its sales effectiveness with our outsourced sales solutions.