Our 22 step recruiting process begins with a collaborative discussion between Acquirent and the client—ultimately leading to a job description that reflects their ideal Sales Professional. Our recruiting team utilizes both traditional avenues as well as the latest in recruiting technology to share our opportunities. Recruiting from the talented and driven market of Chicago, we have found our most effective candidate source to be referrals from our own employees—a testament to the effectiveness of our 22 step process.

Once candidates are identified and pre-qualified, they go through several phone screens as well as produce a writing sample before they are invited to an in-person interview. Once at that stage, candidates are interviewed by our recruiting team, as well as our partners and several, if not all, of our sales managers. Frequently, our clients are involved in the final selection process—either coming out to our offices, or joining in via video conference.

The process is completed when both our team and the client jointly decide who to hire, and the new employee moves right into our initial training process.