VPs of Sales on the Sales Floor

Acquirent starts each day at 8 a.m. with an all-company meeting where we celebrate the wins from the day before and discuss the goals for the day. We also hold weekly client calls where we report on progress, successes and challenges to make sure that we are driving the desired behavior and results. The combination of an actively involved management team, daily monitoring of activities and reports from each of our CRM’s allows us the visibility to ensure we are driving the activity necessary for success.

Acquirent takes activity, accountability, measuring our progress and measuring our success very seriously. Each one of our accounts is very different; they have different sales cycles, steps in the sales process and therefore each account requires different metrics for success. Some of the key metrics we measure are number of calls, total talk time and length of calls, web demonstrations set and held, proposals sent and contracts signed. We blend these metrics and assign each sales person a goal percentage and measure them across their peer group.

We have built our management structure on sophisticated CRM (customer relationship management) technology that allows us to track and manage our progress and chart our steps to success. Unlike most sales organizations, we are expert CRM users and are able to use this technology as an asset to plan and measure our progress. Today we use multiple CRM’s and are often working in our client’s systems. If our clients do not have CRM systems that they believe will be of value, we will build a platform for them complete with activity tracking, dashboards and robust reporting.

We have invested in technology which allows our teammates and our clients to be informed of their activity and results through our daily or weekly reporting. Our sales floor has six 60 inch flat screen TV’s so that reps can see throughout the day and in real time how they are performing relative to the entire company. Our clients love the transparency our sales consulting firm brings to all our accounts.

Acquirent’s managers work to support their teammates by being actively involved in individual sales efforts. In our open environment it is easy for a sales rep to grab their manager and have them to participate on a sales call to help close a deal or handle an objective. As managers, we strive to interact with each rep or team as a head coach and keep an eye on delivering results and constant improvement.