Deciding to outsource part or all of your sales function can be a very difficult decision for a business. We pride ourselves on making that decision even the tiniest bit easier for our clients—by acting as a seamless b2b telesales force partner; fully transparent and entirely accountable to our clients. Every member of our team comes to work each day with one goal: to deliver results for our clients. We do this through our three core competencies:

We Recruit

 As a company that has hired hundreds of sales professionals, we know just how difficult hiring the right team member can be. Over the past decade, we have carefully crafted and refined our 22 step recruiting process to efficiently and effectively hire the best and brightest sales professionals for our clients. Click here to learn more about this process.

We Train

Traditionally, training at most companies begins and ends when a new hire joins the company, goes through an onboarding process, and familiarizes themselves with both the product and the processes. At Acquirent, we do things differently. Training is one of our greatest strengths, and we view it as an ongoing and never-ending process of improvement that happens in both large and small ways every single day.  Click here to read more about the different options for training we provide.

We Manage

Our open floor plan reflects our management style: consistently accessible, endlessly encouraging, and firmly accountable. Each member of our management team, from our CEO to the newest Sales Manager, is carefully selected for their blend of a numbers-driven analytic mind and a supportive people-person personality. Our management structure is built on sophisticated CRM technology that allows us to track and manage our progress smoothly, while simultaneously incorporating face-to-face meetings with each individual Sales Professional as well as their team as a whole. Click here to learn more about how we manage.