IT is no longer a “cost center” — technology and software investments help bolster the bottom line and drive increased ROI for companies across markets and verticals. As a result, specialized tech and software firms have emerged to meet this new demand, but are faced with a significant challenge: How do they differentiate their product or service from others in the same space? While IT professionals excel at thinking outside the box and solving unique problems, sales may not be their strong point.

Yet what if it were possible to outsource sales like computer resources or storage space? Here’s what you need to know about the next generation of sales experts.

Shifted Focus

The revenue of software and tech companies lives or dies on your ability to create new, in-demand products and deliver them to businesses in need. Staying ahead of the competition, however, requires all hands on deck — application designers and software developers need time and space to create, test, evaluate and finally approve release candidates for wide distribution.

The problem? Many technology companies arrive at this point, but aren’t sure how to proceed; how do they source likely sales partners and make sure their products are properly positioned across B2B channels? One option is training in-house employees to help drive sales. After all, they’re natural brand evangelists. However, they’re not sales experts, and time spent drawing in new clients means fewer hands on deck for the next big project.

At Acquirent, we help bridge the gap. Our highly skilled sales professionals examine your current offering and determine the best avenue for revenue development. In addition, our experts can help restructure your corporate environment for sales success without losing the drive to innovate, which further empowers your success.

Evolved Sales

Outsourcing is already common practice for many tech firms. Cloud computing, VoIP offerings, analytics — all are now available from trusted third-party providers. When it comes to sales, however, too many companies assume that the strength of their product will carry itself, but in a highly competitive B2B market, skilled sales professionals often tip the balance between solid revenue and sinking ROI.

How do you find the right fit for your company? Do you know how to hire, train and manage sales professionals? More importantly, is this something you need to learn if reliable outsourcing options are available? Acquirent’s team is one of the fastest growing in America and brimming with smart, gritty, success-driven sales professionals. We’re the next logical step in sales evolution: Outsourced, on demand and highly skilled. Exactly what a growing software development company or tech firm needs to translate great products into downstream purchases.

You’re innovating; sales are evolving. Leverage the power of both with Acquirent.