Capturing Health and Wellness Industry Sales Like A Well-Oiled Machine

The healthcare industry is an extremely competitive niche; therefore, it’s imperative that you have a wellness sales team that knows how to effectively handle the day-to-day intricacies and objections that are common to the typical healthcare sales process.

That’s where Acquirent comes in. Our outsourced sales for the healthcare business model will take the burden out of your hands. This will allow you to focus on more of the income-producing components of your health and wellness business. It’s like having an enhanced sales team without all the employee-related expenses — a win-win proposition for everyone involved!

Sales are vital to every health and wellness company. Now you have the opportunity to grow your healthcare sales beyond all the traditional healthcare industry standards.

How Does Acquirent Provide Unprecedented Benefits To the Health and Wellness Industry?

Outsourced sales for healthcare is a fairly new concept for wellness companies. Acquirent can provide a team of sales professionals for any health and wellness company that wants to grow its business without all the added expenses of recruiting, hiring, training and managing every aspect of the sales component.

Acquirent goes to great lengths to hire the best of the best — by recruiting from college campuses, cherry-picking applications from various web portals, actively seeking referrals for proven commodities and more. We also use very sophisticated sales technology to enhance the effectiveness of our outbound sales process.

The Only Sales Team You Will Ever Need— Guaranteed!

Acquirent is a leading outsourced sales provider for companies of all sizes —from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. We pride ourselves on building world-class sales teams that deliver results in the health and wellness industries by working closely with our clients to provide an exceptional experience from start to finish.

What Does Acquirent Do?

  • We recruit and train sales professionals
  • We mentor and manage your sales teams
  • We keep abreast of all the latest sales technologies
  • We can help you scale your sales force
  • We can reduce your risk of hiring and employing
  • We deliver exceptional results

Acquirent believes in open communication, complete transparency and 100 percent accountability in everything we do.

We never settle for less than the best!

What Makes Acquirent So Different From Everyone Else?

Acquirent uses a proven business model that we’ve crafted and refined into a 22-step recruiting process. This allows us to vet and hire the best and the brightest sales professionals for our clients. Most companies begin the training process as part of the onboarding process, then send them on their way.

At Acquirent, we believe in a continual training process to ensure our salespeople are abreast and well versed in all the latest sales technologies. This allows them to utilize cutting-edge sales strategies in conjunction with the exceptional personality traits we hired them for, to bring you the highest return on your investment as possible.

However, our process doesn’t stop there. Our open floor plan and engaging management style makes us readily accessible. We believe in offering continual support and encouragement from every member of our team — from the CEO to the newest sales manager. Additionally, our management structure is based on sophisticated CRM technology that gives us the ability to track and manage our progress, which we then use to incorporate face-to-face growth meetings with each individual sales professional and his or her entire team.

Contact Acquirent today, and let us show you how we can help take your business to the next level.