Outsourced Sales For Consulting Companies

In the consulting industry, sales means something vastly different from selling cars or insurance policies. Every client is different, ranging across a diverse spectrum of organizational cultures, workforces and business models.

Small wonder, then, that sales for consulting firms is often a puzzle that requires excessive time and strategy to resolve.

The answer might well be outsourced sales for consulting companies, such as the broad range of services offered by Acquirent. We are a leading provider of outsourced sales solutions for businesses as small as software startups and as large as high-profile Fortune 500 companies. By partnering closely with our clients, we offer transparent and completely accountable solutions that incorporate state-of-the-art sales metrics, training and advanced technology.

A Range of Sales Functions

When it comes to outsourced sales for consulting companies, Acquirent offers unparalleled guidance in a wide range of sales functions. Regardless of the challenges you and your internal sales force currently faces, we can design, develop and deliver innovative management and training solutions that consistently improve your consulting firm’s sales performance. These solutions include:

  • A renewed focus on promoting your core competencies
  • New sales strategies for your target audience and/or territories
  • Help in lowering the cost of new client acquisitions
  • More effective prospecting and lead generation
  • More efficient management of the entire sales process

By engaging with an outsourced inside sales provider, you will find new markets, new approaches and new revenue sources that have thus far eluded your efforts.

Why Acquirent?

Acquirent specializes in sales recruitment, training and management. Here are just some of the ways in which we stand apart and above our competitors:

  • Our carefully crafted 22-step recruiting process enables us to hire the best and brightest sales professionals for our clients.
  • If your firm can benefit from additional sales training, Acquirent offers an interactive virtual training delivery system that streams to the workstations of your salespeople wherever they are located.
  • We offer a fresh perspective on your current sales process — pinpointing what’s working and what isn’t, accelerating lackluster closing rates and identifying obstacles in the sales pipeline that can slow sales for consulting firms such as your own.

Acquirent also understands the full complexities of relationship selling, often a key sales tool for the consulting industry. Where your present efforts might be falling short — be it in retaining accounts, solving your clients’ problems, demonstrating the expertise of your consulting services — we understand the demands of relationship selling and will tailor solutions best aligned with your firm.

Not every sales solutions company understands the unique demands of sales for consulting firms. Learn more about how Acquirent can solve your most urgent and crucial sales needs.