With sales outsourcing from Acquirent, businesses like yours have a better way to boost their client base — whether you work in the healthcare industry or the technology industry. All of our outsourced sales personnel have been through our 22-step recruiting process, so they bring highly crafted and refined skills to your team. What’s more, they’re adept at meeting the unique sales needs of the wide range of clients you serve. When you’re looking to increase sales and sales processes in your business, let our expert personnel solve your most urgent sales needs. By working with these thoroughly trained and skilled individuals, you gain the support needed to increase B2B sales, inside sales or whatever outsourced sales you desire. We work with a variety of companies and industries in need of exceptional outsourced sales services, but here are a few industries we commonly partner with:

Consulting Industry

For companies in the consulting industry, Acquirent provides outsourced sales that cater to the unique puzzle of your diverse clients. We design and deliver management and training solutions that yield improved results for your overall sales performance. These solutions can include more effective lead generation, a better focus on core competencies, lowered costs for new client acquisition, and more.

Healthcare/Wellness Industry

Whether you work in healthcare or have a business in the wellness niche, Acquirent offers the kind of sales support to help you grow your company beyond typical industry standards. Skip all the added costs of recruiting, hiring and training personnel, and opt instead for the best and brightest sales staff, catered to your needs. Partnering with Acquirent will free you to focus on the income-producing aspects of your work.

Technology/Software Industry

Instead of wasting company resources and personnel on trying to teach your IT professionals how to sell your products, enlist the expert support of Acquirent sales professionals. Our outsourced sales team gets to know your latest offering and comes up with an effective means for developing revenue. What’s more, we can help restructure your organization for maximum sales without damaging your ability to innovate — so you can keep doing what you do best, with the sales resources to support you.

Why Acquirent?

When you’re looking for a better way to improve your sales efforts, outsourcing from Acquirent only makes sense. Specifically focused on sales recruitment, training and management, we are able to provide exceptional personnel to supercharge your selling efforts. Whatever your industry, here are some of the benefits of working with our team:

  • Talented personnel who’ve been through a 22-step recruiting process
  • An interactive virtual training delivery system to provide additional sales training as needed
  • A fresh perspective on sales for you and your business, pinpointing what is and isn’t working well
  • Support for improving closing rates and tackling sales obstacles

From Fortune 500 companies to small startups and everywhere in between, outsourcing is already a common practice in the business world — and when your company needs sales support, Acquirent is your resource. As one of the fastest growing teams in America, we’re available on demand, for your industry, catered to you.