At Acquirent, we understand the value of a dynamic and uplifting workplace with an emphasis on both personal and professional success.  For us, that looks like:

Unparalleled Access to Management

With our open floor plan, a new hire is just as likely to be seated next to the CEO, a VP of Sales, or a fellow new hire. Both seasoned and brand new sales professionals benefit immensely from this direct line to leadership–able to learn by example, get answers to tough sales situations, or just bounce a new idea off a more senior team member.

Regular Social Events

Get ready for a whole lot of high-fives, company happy hours, costume contests, chili cook-offs, the annual Acquirent Field Day, and weekly Friday Philanthropy Pancakes—where the proceeds go to a different, employee-selected charity each month.  You won’t find a negative sales culture here—we’re all about healthy, fun competition!

Emphasis on Health & Wellness

Discounts on gym memberships, office Fitbit competitions, a robust benefits package—just a few of the things that Acquirent provides for its employees. Keeping in line with our approach of “not just another number,” every team member here is provided with these benefits. Happy, healthy sales people are the best sales people.

Growth and Recognition

With a solid culture in place, professional growth happens naturally. We recognize and reward success throughout everything we do: highlighting deals closed at our daily all-company 8:00 A.M. meeting, incentivizing with signed Blackhawks jerseys, annual awards at our company holiday party. Weekly one on ones with managers, regular team huddles, and our renowned sales training lay the groundwork for on-going professional growth and success—success that we love to recognize.

Many organizations create incredible products, but have no idea how to get them to market.  At Acquirent, our products are our people. We’ve worked to create a culture where our sales professionals feel invested in both their own and their client’s success. We hire talented, gritty people who understand that success starts with hard work, concentration, commitment, and a willingness to have a lot of fun along the way.

Our sales professionals thrive in our fast-paced, entrepreneurial sales environment. Unlike  Executive VP Geoff’s first sales experience as Rep #4161 at a large computer hardware and software company—Acquirent’s sales representatives have the ability to move the needle for their clients on a daily basis.

If this sounds like a culture you would like to be a part of, click below to learn more about our current opportunities.