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3 Questions to Ask About a Company In Your Job Interview

3 Questions to Ask About a Company

So you’ve applied to a promising job at an appealing company. You’ve passed the pre-employment screening. You’ve aced the phone screen and secured an in-person interview. Now the preparation begins.

Not only should you prepare how you will answer questions about yourself; you should also be well-versed in the company itself. Ask yourself these three questions to ask about a company before the interview.

3 Questions to Ask About a Company In Your Job Interview

Interviewers ask questions related to what the candidate knows about the company because they are trying to determine: How proactive you are in getting to know the company’s business? How you can help the company succeed? What makes you excited about the company?

Researching the company and being prepared to answer these questions, as well as asking pertinent questions about the company, demonstrates to the interviewer that you are vested in the company’s success. Here are three questions you should ask about a company before an interview and nail a job interview.

What is the company mission?

Every company has a mission statement available on its website. However, to understand why this is its mission, you will need to conduct further research. Understanding why there is a need for the services provided and how you can assist in completing this mission will resonate with the interviewer.

What are the Future goals of the company

Every business worth its weight will look at growing the business, no matter how large. Understanding what the short- and long-term goals of the organization, and displaying how you can assist in achieving these goals, will show that you are vested in the company’s success, not just your own.

What differentiates this company against its competitors?

Once you understand the mission and goals of the organization, research the company’s position in the marketplace. Knowing how a company compares to its competitors show you how progressive the company is. What sets this company apart from others providing similar services? Is it growing? Does it promote from within? How vested is the company in its employees’ future?

Each one of these questions is relatively easy to answer with proper research. Doing this research helps to:

  1. Educate you on the company you may be working for one day.
  2. Articulate your understanding of the company, which will make you stand out when compared to other prospective candidates.

Although these are great starting points, don’t limit yourself to these three questions. Go above and beyond when researching a prospective employer so you can make sure you sell yourself (like Don Draper of Mad Men). Always tell yourself, “one more.” As in, I’ll run “one more” minute on the treadmill, I’ll read “one more” chapter in this book and I’ll find out “one more” fact on this company.

Happy job hunting!


Ryan Winthrop, Acquirent

Ryan Winthrop is the Recruiting Coordinator at Acquirent. He has a background in human resources and holds a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. At Acquirent, Ryan is the initial point of contact for sales candidates seeking employment and assists in the recruitment and selection of qualified candidates for specific accounts. Connect with him on .

Join engaged sales professionals and leaders to get the latest sales tips.

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