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4 Tips for Effective Visual Aid Use

We’ve all heard people complain that with the rise of the smartphone era and social media, people simply don’t know how to talk to each other face to face. On one hand, new technology has allowed us to do sales in ways we never thought possible twenty years ago, and we’re able to connect with


Master Reflective Listening

Being a master at Reflective Listening will help our mentors handle the variety of issues their mentees bring up, but it will also enable mentors to be skilled in relationships that go beyond work. We thought sharing the training session notes would be useful to the community at large from our business partners to our spouses and friends.


$500 of Pancakes Goes a Long Way

I encourage you to create volunteers opportunities at your company, there are many organizations in need and even more people willing to help given the chance. I know $500 won’t build a new wing at YWCA Evanston’s building but I do know that money will make a difference in at least one person’s life and that makes it worth the effort.


Book Review Part 4: Predictable Revenue

The final chapters of Predictable Revenue dealt with the exceptionally simple concepts of leadership and management. Ok, I’m kidding about them being “simple”. In reality these are not only two of the most difficult concepts for a company to consistently execute but also the most important. Commitment to a great leadership and management team is key to developing, leading and sustaining a healthy and sustainable sales structure and company.


Speaker Series: Larry Hirsch, Sales Manager at Tom James Company

The workday at ACQ starts early, 8 a.m. sharp, and frequently we host guest speakers who address the team, telling inspirational personal and career stories that get us going better than coffee. We have a great thing going at our morning meetings, like TED talks but ACQ Talks just more intimate.