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Video: Adam Goodman on the Traits of a Great Leader

Joe Flanagan, CEO of Acquirent, and Adam Goodman, Center for Leadership, on location at Northwestern University, talk about the traits of a great leader. One key ingredient among really effective leaders is great leaders are great listeners.


The Linchpins: Being More Than Your Work

The linchpin concept has resonated with me since I read Seth Godin’s book in 2010, “Linchpin”. I decided that I wanted to write about the topic since I recently began taking on more responsibilities at Acquirent and see a lot of parallels in the way that we do business.


Sales Mantras: Tell It to Sell It

At Acquirent, we know how tough it can be to hear the word “no” again and again, but we also know how important it is for sales professionals to bounce back into the game. Keep these mantras in mind before you pick up the phone or pitch your next prospect, and keep yourself bouncing back and focused on the right clients.


Buying is More Emotional Than Inetellectual

We can’t control the buyer’s emotional state, yet we can recognize it and adapt our approach to the customer. Showing an ROI calculation is not going to get the job done in these situations. Understanding the emotional connection to you and the proposed solution is more important in these situations.


Key Sales Fundamentals that Create Real Revenue Goals

If you have a plan and miss, you will at least be able to look back and see where you went off the path or what assumption was wrong. Otherwise, you will never reach a scalable and repeatable revenue stream for your business.