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Creating a Good Sales Culture

I am most involved with the acquisition and evaluation of Acquirent’s new clients. Every day, I speak with companies both large and small that have built successful organizations without any sales culture and I marvel at how these companies have gotten so far without any formal or informal sales process. I am especially surprised at the high percentage of technology-based companies that I speak with that have very little sales DNA. I have found that many of them celebrate a culture of innovation, technology, and excellent customer service but not sales.


Going Paperless in Sales and Life

Today, Jon Elhardt and I led a company-wide training on the benefits of going paperless in both sales and your personal life. We discussed how to accomplish this through the use of two tremendously popular tools, OneNote and Evernote. Both Jon and I find these tools indispensable–Jon being a OneNote guy, and myself an Evernote lad. The following are some key features and how both programs benefit us in our day to day lives.


Reverse Engineering YOUR Numbers

Knowing your numbers and reverse engineering the Math of Sales that works for you as a rep, as a sales channel, or as a team must be a priority and first step when results do not match expectations. We follow a process now that backs into the numbers you need to be successful based on conversion rates instead of just looking at raw numbers.


Networking Do’s and Don’ts

In sales, it’s often said that it’s not what you know…. but more importantly it’s who you know.  Networking has a core attribute for many great sales professionals and the power of networking has only been amplified by the explosive growth of social media.  Recently Acquirent conducted a training around the concept of networking.  We asked the


Video: Adam Goodman on the Traits of a Great Leader

Joe Flanagan, CEO of Acquirent, and Adam Goodman, Center for Leadership, on location at Northwestern University, talk about the traits of a great leader. One key ingredient among really effective leaders is great leaders are great listeners.