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Training the 21st Century Inside Sales Person

Many of the sales teams and leaders I meet with are still training their inside reps with skills and techniques used by telemarketers or assistants more than a dozen years ago. Arming our modern-day inside sales reps means opening up and teaching them the skills traditionally seen as reserved for more senior or outside sales people. It also means the investment in sales training and skills development has to be reviewed and adjusted.


5 Ways to Motivate Sales People to Move Your Business Forward

The truth is that your sales staff needs your help, and one of the best ways you can provide just that is by motivating them to work harder, smarter and better every day. Read on for some actionable tips to strengthen your sales staff and build your business.


5 Ways to Refresh Your Sales Strategy in 2015

If your sales strategy is in need of a refresh for the new year, here are five tips that you need to refocus your organization as you dive into 2015.


2015 Another Great Year at Acquirent

As we close the door on 2014, it is customary for me to reflect on some of Acquirent’s key accomplishments and achievements. During this time of reflection I also often stumble across some key reminders as well. The following are a couple accomplishments and reminders that are on my mind.


Ace Your Phone Interview

At Acquirent, we know how important good phone communication skills are as we screen candidates before in-person interviews and we have clients who do the same. Below are several tips to help you ace a phone interview.