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Product Knowledge is Key to Closing the Sale

Here at Acquirent, we specialize in outsourced sales, so we’ve certainly seen the whole gamut of products. In our experience, whatever the product is, a good salesperson knows it like the back of their hands. Whether you’re selling software or soap, knowing the ins-and-out of your product is instrumental in closing the sale.


Why Ongoing Training is Essential to Success

Managers like Jon and training programs like the Sales Fundamentals Series are just two of the many ways we at Acquirent differentiate ourselves in this competitive market of outsourced sales providers.


How to Dress for Success

Dressing for work, a job interview, presentation or any business event, used to be pretty simple. Men wore suits, women wore dresses—simple as that. But then the days of Mad Men came and went, and we had Silicon Valley-type guys like Steve Jobs running billion-dollar empires from the comfort of a turtleneck and jeans. Business casual now means thirty different things.


Top 10 Reasons I Love Working @ ACQ

There are many reasons why we reached our 10 Year Anniversary at Acquirent and one of them is working with great people. Meet Shelli Anderson, one of our Team Players and one of the reasons we love coming to work each day. Below is as list of 10 reasons Shelli loves working at Acquirent.


Why Companies Outsource Sales

There are many reasons why a company would partner with an outsourced sales company, for instance outsourced sales companies reduce hiring and firing costs and also take on the employment risk. Listed here are several other benefits to outsourcing your sales.