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The Importance of Credibility

Empty rapport alone will not make you a great sales person. Why prospects like you can be a key differentiator. If you are the product and industry expert, trusted advisor for their business need and reliable contact you can be liked and perceived as someone to do business with.


4 Tips for Starting to Network

Here at Acquirent, we know that many people may feel awkward or uncomfortable whenever the word “networking” comes up, but it’s really not as hard as many people think. In fact, we’ve compiled four easy ways to get started.


Sales Industry Hiring Trends

The Acquirent recruiting team receives hundreds of resumes every month from job seekers with a variety of sales experiences and backgrounds. Most cover letters that accompany the resumes make the case that each candidate is “perfect” for the open position.

But what happens when our client’s idea of a perfect skill set is vastly different


5 Habits of Effective Salespeople

Here on the Acquirent blog, we often share strategies and techniques designed to help you up your sales game. But being an effective salesperson isn’t simply a matter of knowing and implementing the best strategies, it also takes the right mindset and habits—habits that are formed off the clock as well as on. Looking


5 Tips on Building a Small Business Sales Strategy

As a small business, you probably don’t have the resources to pursue sales the way a multi-national company would. That doesn’t mean you should give up—it just means you need to work smarter. Here are five tips for developing your small business sales strategy.