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Sales: It’s All About Attitude

I preach the importance of a positive attitude for our business all the time. In a business with constant challenges and inherent rejection, it’s difficult to overstate the crucial role a good attitude has.

But as I was preparing a speech to kick off our latest 12-week training course for new sales professionals


Why Your Social Media Choices Matter for Sales

What happens when you stretch a rubber band too far? It breaks, pops back, hits your skin, and leaves a painful red welt. If you’re a small business owner, this rule applies to you, but in more ways than you might imagine. Small business owners and young entrepreneurs often become prey to a social media


8 Components of the Perfect Sales Call

A great sales call may vary by industry or product to some degree, but there are certain components that apply no matter what phone you’re on. Here are our eight hallmarks of the perfect sales call.


How Cold-calling Made Me A Great Salesman

There is something magical that happens when you hear objections 50, 75, to 100 times a day while making cold calls. It’s hard, but soon you realize it’s changing how you handle interactions off the phone, and success starts to come more easily.


Why You Should Focus on Digital and Online Sales

Let’s face it, we live in a world of drastically changing consumer needs. Gone are the days of easy sales because you were the only person offering a particular product in a particular location. Now, consumers have an entire online shopping mall they can use to compare your product or service against everyone else’s. All