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3 Ways Peer-to-Peer Recognition Programs Improve Engagement

Effective use of recognition in the workplace can generate 12 times better business outcomes and 41% increases in customer satisfaction.


More Confidence Leads to More Sales Success

At Acquirent, we know how tough it can be to hear the word “no” again and again, but we also know how important it is for sales professionals to bounce back into the game.


Close a Sale in 10 Easy (and Crucial) Steps

Without a doubt, closing a sale is the culmination of all of your work with current and potential clients, so you’d better be sure to make it all worth your while. If we’ve learned anything in our experience providing outsourced sales services to our clients, it’s that you should never miss out on a single opportunity to close a sale—these 10 tips will help!


Video: Craig Wortmann on the Art of Storytelling

This interview was filmed on the coldest day in Chicago history, outside, for 7 minutes, in Downtown Evanston.


3 Ways to Win the Buyer’s Trust

Our outsourced sales team at Acquirent is focused on reaching consumers effectively by thinking like buyers rather than sellers. Here are the top three ways to ensure that your company is focused on winning both the trust and business of buyers.