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A Reflection on “Outside In: The Rise of the Inside Sales Team”

We are excited to be in a position to help companies increase their deal flow, help them create roll specialization and inevitably lower their cost of sales through helping them establish their inside sales teams.


7 Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude

In sales, what we do is hard and our CEO Joe Flanagan preaches the importance of a positive attitude all the time especially in our sales training. In business and in life, there are constant challenges and inherent rejections, it’s difficult to overstate the crucial role a good attitude has.


Hiring Trends: Sending Interview Questions in Advance

A recent article was published regarding a new interview methodology, and it sparked several conversations about our recruiting and interview methods at Acquirent. The concept consists of providing candidates two interview questions before the actual interview takes place.


How to tell an Effective Sales Story

Research and real world application suggests that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools of persuasion. Accomplishing what facts or statistics cannot, storytelling creates necessary context and emotional appeal, which allows a sales pitch to be relational and impactful. Here are tips from a recent training on how to start storytelling in sales.


Practice Your Sales Pitch to Perfection

At Acquirent, we believe that growth does not depend on PowerPoint slides or screen shots. We believe that an investment in the salesperson is just as important as the investments they are trying to earn from every potential client. If you are responsible for sales growth, you must take the time to invest in yourself and your pitch, and if you do, your practice is sure to pay off.