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Video: Troy Henikoff, CEO and Co-founder of Excelerate Labs

Troy Henikoff, CEO and Co-founder of Excelerate Labs, and Joe Flanagan, CEO of Acquirent, talk about the key attributes of a great sales person.


Winning and Keeping New Business

Winning new business is a huge aspect of ensuring your long-term success, but many sales representatives underestimate the amount of work that goes into maintaining that business. Here are six tips from Acquirent that will help you manage client expectations and deliver your best work yet.


5 Benefits of the Open Floor Plan

Although, there are great benefits of walls being removed, it’s safe to assume President Reagan wasn’t referring to the open floor plan concept, when he echoed the words Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. Just recently the Washington Post published Lindsey Holme’s opinion piece on her awful, soul crushing experience being moved into an open


Video: Philippe Lavie on Changing Business Behaviors to Sell More Effectively

This video is part of an interview series we are producing that uses experts in the field of sales to train business owners and sales professionals how to grow sales revenue.


4 Tips for Effective Follow-ups

Admitting that you have a problem with follow-up is the first step to fixing the problem. In this post I will share four tips for making effective follow-ups that if adopted will have a noticeable impact on not only your confidence but also your effectiveness as a professional sales person.