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Top 5 Tips on Managing Your Online Brand

These are a couple tips on how to establish an online brand that will differentiate you from your competition and help you attract more prospects and eventually close more business.


The Curse of Knowledge

So, is the curse of knowledge the only reason that reps will have lumpy sales? No, wish it was that easy. That said, it is a common issue within a team, especially if you have a singular and straight sales process. Another tip, pick up Made to Stick. It is a good read and there are additional ideas on how to work with your team and get your ideas through to them as well.


Maximize Your Twitter Potential

It’s never too late to join the conversation and create a Twitter account for your company, brand or project. With more than 270 million users, Twitter has become an invaluable social media channel for growing brands. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your company’s Twitter profile.


Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

We’ve made the case numerous times that you and your business need to be on LinkedIn. But once you’ve got your LinkedIn profile up it’s not enough to make it generic, put your best self out there, it’s your career and business billboard. By following these tips , you’ll set your profile apart!

Edward Bebee

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Owners

We periodically invite guest bloggers to contribute to the Acquirent blog and we’re excited to feature Edward Beebe this week. Beebe is a digital media marketing consultant in Chicago and offers smart social media marketing solutions for small business owners. If you’ve got an expertise to share with the Acquirent readers, email your blog idea to marketing[at]