Client Testimonial: American Medical Association

Since 1847 the American Medical Association has promoted scientific advancement, improved public health, invested in the doctor-patient relationship, and played a very important role in the development of medicine in the United States. As a leading source of health care information, we offer a wide variety of both printed and online resources and products.

Core to the AMA’s product offering is their Current Procedural Terminology or CPT®. The AMA first developed and published CPT in 1966.To this day it remains a uniform procedural coding system used to report procedures and evaluation/management services performed by health care providers. In June of 2011 the AMA launched an online version of CPT® and related products. The initial sales approach targeted small and mid-size organizations via direct mail and telemarketing channels. However, we recognized that we needed to supplement internal sales efforts with an experienced sales team that could extend reach, generate new sales and build share of market. Additionally, the complexities and content-rich features of this product required a demonstration to fully exploit product benefits to customers. The AMA partnered with Acquirent for sales representation of these online products to those markets beginning in June 2012.

Acquirent worked with us to identify their target markets, prospects and customers with opportunities for up-sell, in addition to integrating their systems and tools with our website and lead-generation sources. With initial training support provided by the AMA, the Acquirent team of specialists was fully operational and starting to sell the AMA’s Online Coding products in less than 30 days. In 2012 we saw an immediate increase in our Coding Online product sales. In 2013 we saw a substantial increase on a year over year basis in Acquirent-related sales, as well as a significant number of upsells in our renewal business. Upsells occurred both in terms of the products sold (good, better, best strategy) and in terms of the length of the customer agreements. Thus far 2014 is on track for continued growth.

The American Medical Association is pleased with the success we have had in partnering with Acquirent on our Coding Online products and we are now looking to add additional product lines to the Acquirent/AMA portfolio.